I am on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

Live & Virtual Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | DEI Certified | Workshop Facilitator | DISC Consultant

I’m on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership. Are you tired of the talent challenge? Do you wish there was less churn and more passion with existing employees? How are generational differences getting in the way? Are you tired of “cookie-cutter” approaches to your workforce challenges?

I bring incredible resources for your intentional growth as an employee and company. Meaningful employee engagement isn’t just a tagline with my speaking and workshops.



ENERGETIC & INSPIRING keynotes, workshops, and motivational speaking to align with your needs!

“Todd Kuckkahn is not the usual presenter; he has a special rapport with his group. Todd walks and talks to his audience, engaging them every step of the way. He’s entertaining and invigorating–plus you learn along the way. He develops an audience relationship first, then delivers his key points. He is a dynamic speaker and “leaves no one behind.”

Sherri Galle-Teske, Executive Director, Portage County Humane Society

WMC Conference



Bring your TEAM together to help learn to communicate with IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INSPIRATION.

“Todd recently presented to our financial institution at a staff development day. Our team members had many very complimentary things to say about Todd’s presentation, his art of effective delivery, and the topics that were discussed. Todd brings a wealth of knowledge and real life experiences to the table and he is a very engaging and positive speaker. Todd got us to think about topics deeply and he fully engaged the audience. Todd shared his personal life experiences which built trust between Todd and our team members. This resulted in an excellent and fun learning experience.”

– Brad A. Foltz, Senior Vice President, Paper City Savings

Great Rivers Conference in Iowa


Experience INCREDIBLE RESOURCES for your INTENTIONAL GROWTH in your business and personal life.

Todd has an incredible passion for people. That passion lies with the need to see leadership groups within organizations thrive. Armed with the knowledge of John C. Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni and many others, Todd is ready to take you (an aspiring leader wanting to learn more about themselves) and organizations on the road to a better understanding of core values, workplace improvement and leadership engagement. Would highly recommend to anyone who is seeking the their next, great chapter in life.”

– Nate Lucht, Owner/Founder, Spotless Co

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Todd Kuckkahn
Live & Virtual Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Workshop Facilitator | DISC Consultant | DEI Certified