I am on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

Live & Virtual Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | DEI Certified | Workshop Facilitator | DISC Consultant

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As an independent certified coach, teacher, trainer, and speaker with The John Maxwell Team, I bring incredible resources for your intentional growth in your business and personal life. My DISC trainer and consultant certification brings a verifiable assessment of your communication and personality styles to begin your journey. “The biggest gap in life is between what we know and what we do.” Let’s do it.



ENERGETIC & INSPIRING keynotes, workshops, and motivational speaking to align with your needs!

“Todd Kuckkahn is not the usual presenter; he has a special rapport with his group. Todd walks and talks to his audience, engaging them every step of the way. He’s entertaining and invigorating–plus you learn along the way. He develops an audience relationship first, then delivers his key points. He is a dynamic speaker and “leaves no one behind”.”

Sherri G.T.

WMC Conference



Bring your TEAM together to help learn to communicate with IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INSPIRATION.

“Todd taught a workshop on leadership at the Great Rivers Conference in Iowa. I really appreciated his style and the information he provided. He added a bit of humor to his presentation along with helping us to understand the power of knowing our own strengths. We got the opportunity to highlight ourselves, which I don’t think we ever take enough time to do. It was a very short workshop and we were still able to take a lot away from it. I recommend Todd and his workshops.”

– Dawn H

Great Rivers Conference in Iowa


Experience INCREDIBLE RESOURCES for your INTENTIONAL GROWTH in your business and personal life.

“I really appreciate your coaching and mentorship and I learned (and continue to learn) a tremendous amount from your University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate leadership class. Many times we take classes that are just that, classes. This class provided real life and professional skills–tools–TTPʻs that I will be leveraging in my endeavors ahead.”

– Shawn M

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate leadership class.

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Todd Kuckkahn
Live & Virtual Keynote Speaker | Executive Coach | Workshop Facilitator | DISC Consultant | DEI Certified