Helping organizational leaders master change and uncertainty to grow the bottom line and champion the development of their employees.

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Todd Kuckkahn

As an independent certified coach, teacher, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team, I bring incredible resources for your intentional growth in your business and personal life. My DISC trainer and consultant certification brings a verifiable assessment of your communication and personality styles to begin your journey. “The biggest gap in life is between what we know and what we do.” Let’s do it.

You will also find me in the Vistage Worldwide speaker’s directory. I’m proud to join this incredible team and offer my expertise to the various groups.

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Elevate Employee Engagement!

Presented by S.C. Capitol Investing, ToddKuckkahn.com, and 110 Percent Inc. Inflation. Gas Prices. Elections. Recession. Great Resignation. Our personal lives and the workplace are bombarded with messages of change and uncertainty. What does uncertainty and change lead to in the workplace? A huge decrease in employee engagement! Harvard Business Review survey showed, “(o)nly 1 inContinue reading “Elevate Employee Engagement!”

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Are You Investor-Worthy?

Part 1 of ??? The character Elaine Benes of the renowned comedy series, Seinfeld, considers whether her boyfriends are sponge-worthy or not. It was at a time in our history when contraceptive sponges were rumored to be unhealthy and even dangerous. The truth was different. Elaine had a specific line of questioning she would goContinue reading “Are You Investor-Worthy?”

Economic Development Through Leadership

Never thought I’d be a writer for an international site selector and economic development publication. Here is the link for the article: https://bit.ly/fdiallianceint_spring_issue_2022_todd_kuckkahn I began writing for Courtney Margetson and FDI Alliance International when I worked for the chamber and economic development organization in my community. It continued after I left and went full-time withContinue reading “Economic Development Through Leadership”



ENERGETIC & INSPIRING keynotes, breakouts and motivational speaking to align with your needs!

He effectively helped me to understand the principles of collaborative leadership, skills that will be sure to prove extremely valuable in my future career. Todd was timely and detailed in his responses to questions I had about assignments.

– Kelly B

WMC Conference



Bring your TEAM together to help learn to communicate with IMPACT, INFLUENCE, and INSPIRATION.

“Todd taught a workshop on leadership at the Great Rivers Conference in Iowa. I really appreciated his style and the information he provided. He added a bit of humor to his presentation along with helping us to understand the power of knowing our own strength. We got the opportunity to highlight ourselves, which I don’t think we ever take enough time to do. It was a very short workshop and we were still able to take a lot away from it. I recommend Todd and his workshops.”

– Dawn H

Great Rivers Conference in Iowa


Experience INCREDIBLE RESOURCES for your INTENTIONAL GROWTH in your business and personal life.

“I really appreciate your coaching and mentorship and I learned (and continue to learn) a tremendous amount from your University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate leadership class. Many times we take classes that are just that, classes. This class provided real life and professional skills–tools–TTPʻs that I will be leveraging in my endeavors ahead.”

– Shawn M

University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point graduate leadership class.

Todd has worked with some great clients!

Todd Kuckkahn
Public Speaker | Executive Coach | Leadership Development | DISC Consultant