Time For Recovery

Please understand that I am writing this with all due respect to the individuals, families and businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19. This is truly a crisis. And like any crisis, recovery is a very important element. Each of us will not all be ready for different aspects of recovery at the same time so we will need to be even more patient with each other. As Wisconsinites though, we have that “blue collar” work ethic and in central Wisconsin it is even more true about how we step up for each other. 

I’m in the middle of going through a Leading Through Crisis virtual summit offered by the John Maxwell Team. The first two key points that John shared are; 1) People First, and 2) Educate Yourself. If we focus on toilet paper and hand sanitizer hoarding, it puts us in a much different place than drawing an American flag with chalk on the driveway for when Dad comes home from work—a pretty inspiring message shared on social media. Focus on people. 

On the second item, my daughters now are asking when someone makes a statement to “cite the source”. I think that is extremely valid. That is why we have been spending a great deal of time-sharing resources and directing people to resources rather than making “guesses” that we too often see in social media. We will send you to the experts if we don’t know. 

To prepare for recovery, I have been on numerous calls and online webinars/meetings to discuss this very topic. One was from the Governor and some of his cabinet. Our regional chambers have been on multiple calls sharing best practices. Our state chamber, Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC), has been a bulldog fighting for small businesses and rural communities. That is also true of our national chamber association, Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE). Centergy, our regional economic development organization, is in the middle of the battle, too. It is definitely all hands-on deck. 

Sometimes it seems, though, like there isn’t anything one person can do. Well, there is! These ideas were “stolen” from the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber, plus a few of my own: 

  • Share a local member business social media post 
  • Order lunch from a small business owner 
  • Share what you are grateful for today 
  • Learn about webinars that will benefit your business (PCBC Business X-change on April 8) 
  • Shop local online 
  • Donate to your local food bank 
  • Donate to the United Way/ Community Foundation relief fund 
  • Check in with an elderly friend 
  • Call a long-lost friend 
  • Thank a healthcare professional with a handwritten note 
  • Tip BIG 
  • Wash your hands 
  • Video chat with your co-workers 
  • Visit everythingpointshere.com and share with your friends outside of the area 
  • Get outside 
  • Write three positive social media reviews 

Let’s get started on that road to recovery! 

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