Then Take Action

I reside in Portage County, WI. If every one of Portage County’s over 70,000 citizens committed one intentional (not random) act of kindness towards marginalized neighbors, what a more awesome place we would live in. Then Take Action!,  

Imagine if that happened with the eight billion people in the world. Then Take Action! 

For those who have signed-on to various declarations on racism and marginalized communities, then take action. (i.e. signing something doesn’t change behavior) 

For those of you who have issues with the wording or intent of these declarations, then take action. (e.g. whining on social media is NOT taking action) 

For those of you closing your business early or for a day in honor of ethnic and cultural holidays, then take action. (i.e. a day off doesn’t impact marginalized citizens) 

For those who are part of a newly energized or formulated diversity and/or inclusiveness committee, then take action. (e.g. sitting in front of a microphone doesn’t bring equality) 

Then Take Action: 

  1. Have uncomfortable conversations, often. 
  1. Reach out to organizations where marginalized communities are part of their main mission so we can partner with them and share resources. 
  1. Reach out to like-minded in the business community or in your sector to learn what is being done so we can share actions with others. 
  1. Meet with key community leaders to develop actionable steps to make meaningful impact and begin achieving and don’t focus on activity. 
  1. Sign on to initiatives, not just to sign, but to make an impact. 
  1. Reach out to human resources groups to understand their intentions and find ways to work together. 

Action changes lives and attitudes and misunderstanding and divisiveness and polarity. 

If nothing else, follow these simple Speak Your Peace principles: 1. Pay Attention; 2. Listen; 3. Be Inclusive; 4. Don’t Gossip; 5. Show Respect; 6. Seek Common Ground; 7. Repair Damaged Relationships; 8. Use Constructive Language, and; 9. Take Responsibility 

Then Take Action! 

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