Words I Hate

During times of uncertainty, change is certain. Two words I’ve come to detest are uncertainty and unprecedented. They are really overused words that mean nothing. Either everything or nothing is unprecedented or uncertain, right? 

Being an optimistic, trusting, honest, enthusiastic and team-oriented person, I like to shift things to the positive. By the way, those are my five core values that I came to determine and appreciate through our masterminds I’ve facilitated. Do you know yours? It is worth the little bit of time and energy to determine them. How’s that for a subliminal commercial. Anyway, I digress! 

Every hour, day, week, month, season and year is an opportunity to create more certainty. Many of us do the annual ritual of a new year’s resolutions. Many of us start out strong and then weaken as time goes on. Some of us re-energize and start them again and that’s where the opportunity comes along. It is never too late to start a habit. 

Many have been practicing intentional acts of kindness. Not random. People are donating their time, talents and treasures to help our front-line workers. Not too fond of “front-line” workers either—sounds like a war zone and maybe it is for some. 

I can pretty much guarantee you that what happens to you after you read this article and digital magazine is uncertain. It may even be unprecedented?!?! Who knows and I don’t care. What I do care about is unlearning and relearning because of this crisis so that we can avoid those overused words in the future. 

Many more workplaces, and homes for that matter, will be better prepared for the next crisis. That next crisis could be simple or complex. That crisis could come back next Fall in the form of COVID-19/20. Experts are warning us about that every day. Strategic planning and crisis management will take on a new priority. People will make a lot of money supporting these efforts in businesses, which is okay. 

As a business owner or employee or community member, we need to use our common sense. We saw how that is a challenge for some as the night of the Wisconsin Supreme Court decision turned some facilities into a 2020 version of the Wild West. I was speaking with a friend in Texas who said Wisconsin made national news—they had seen a scene from a bar with all of the cars in the lost and patrons shoulder to shoulder. Not much common sense! Not unprecedented or uncertain either. 

All the pundits have been saying, wash your hands. That is disconcerting to me because I would hope people would do that before the pandemic. I’m sure more people are doing that so that’s a good thing. Basic hygiene shouldn’t be an issue in all of this, but sadly it is. 

I feel sorry for people with allergies. Be honest and tell me what is the first idea that crosses your mind when somebody sneezes. OMG—they are COVIDed! The sad part is that people can be asymptomatic and still have the disease. 

I have to admit I forgot something else that has been annoying me— “new normal”. Again, every hour, day, year is a new normal. Life changes. 

We can still enjoy what’s left of summer. We will just enjoy it differently (making our own entertainment). 

We can still build our businesses. We will just do it differently (with health safety in mind). 

We can still smile and say hello. We will just do it differently (behind a mask). 

We can still be local consumers. We will just do it differently (EVERY Friday Fish Fry). 

P.S. In 1917-19, millions of people died through a pandemic—now that’s unprecedented! 

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