Reading Is Leading

I started the year reading, You’re A Leader, Charlie Brown. I ended the year reading John C. Maxwell’s book, Leadership Promises For Every Day. Maybe I’ve grown up, although Charlie Brown and his friends always have good lessons, especially around Christmas.

Since I began my focused leadership journey over three years ago, I’ve read more books than my entire life before that. I live the message that readers are leaders. You may say you are too busy to read. Busy is a four-letter word. Prioritize and you will find time. Eliminate distractions or at least reduce them. Start by reading five minutes a day, then ten and build up slowly. You will soon find yourself growing.

In this book, John ties together his strong spiritual faith with his incredible leadership teachings to give day-by-day lessons. I’ve read three of these daily lesson books this year and have three ready for 2021. Reading a page-a-day is another way to hit your reading goals.

Everybody is a leader, and everybody needs a leader. Center on your core values. Do you know how to determine them? Connect with your inner circle. Do you know who they are and are they who you want to be? Take a risk and bust out of your comfort zone. One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do. It. Now!

Have an awesome and prosperous 2021!

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