When a business is struggling, the reason that is espoused is rarely the true reason. Too often, people have to “blame” someone for an issue within a business (or family). The blame goes to where the numbers may point or where the leadership team mandates, often due to a lack of information or insight.

To get to the best part of anything, you must peel away the layers. Although onions may make you cry, the best part is in the middle. I have often heard some experts say that you need to ask the question “Why?” six times before you get to the real answer to an issue. There is validity to that.

To take you to the punchline (spoiler alert), it all gets down to personality. Let’s say that the sales numbers show they are lagging, or the leadership “decides” to blame sales. As you peel away layers of the organization, you begin to unearth other issues. Relationships may be involved, maybe even some sort of prejudice. As you continue to dig, and hopefully you do, you begin to see the inner root of the problem is personality.

To begin to resolve the issue, put your own oxygen mask on first. Dig into your personality. An effective way to do that is with a DISC behavioral assessment. Yes, there are others, but the 30-page report this produces digs into each individual’s personality. More importantly, it offers ideas as to how you can better work with each other. That can then extend to the team, department, and whole organization. Of course, after some time, this positive momentum will be swept up by customers.

Your sales issue boiled down to personality and how we relate to and work with others. Take the time to discover this before wrongfully spreading the blame.

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