What do arcade video games, ponies, yoga, sushi, singing, and dancing have in common? What do they have to do with mindset? Add to that the fact people from around the country travelled to Delaware to experience it. It can only be an UnleashU Now retreat!

Check them out on Facebook. Michael Fabber is the ringleader. And then there is AJ, Margaret, Evan, Alex, Ursula, Hannah, Dr. Fabber, Ashley, and many others. I was blessed to be one of the speakers at the event. I shared my insights on core values, strengths, inner circle, and comfort zone.

The arcade video games were part of our first night activities. My first try at laser tag was a blast. It was one of many firsts for me. I wasn’t quite as skilled at the other games, but they were great icebreakers. Little did we know that we were not competing to win but to be our best. That’s all we can be, right. But it only comes through working on our BS. Belief Systems.

Dr. Fabber gave us a lesson on how her and her team use ponies and horses as therapy. It was fascinating. Individually we had to find “our pony”. Mine was a bit slow to get started but then was mingling with everybody. I can see that in me. I welcome socializing and relationships, but I like to let things warm-up first.

The sushi was my first restaurant experience with the food. I’d only had the grocery store plastic box brand before. I actually liked it better than I thought I would. Had some great conversations, as well. All the people were real, honest, thoughtful, and engaging with the same goal of changing their BS.

The two mornings of yoga were interesting. If you know me well, you know I am 6-4, although the UnleashU Now team thought I was much shorter. That provided a bit of comic relief when we first met. Besides being tall, I am not flexible. But I gave it a great shot and Ursula was very forgiving. Even though  I didn’t bend well, I enjoyed starting the day moving and meditating.

We all had to sing and dance based on what was NOT our best skill. That was easy as I lack skills in both! I wasn’t chosen Saturday night, so I spent the night memorizing the Wisconsin Badger fight song in preparation for Sunday. Of course, on Sunday I had to dance. It was more like chaotic, hazardous  movement. We all survived the challenge of getting up in front of strangers and doing something we didn’t necessarily choose to do. Stretched that comfort zone, just like with my BS.

In between all this fun and challenges was a lot of great content about mindset. They made it simple, although not easy. For example, to grow your business, you don’t have to have 2,000 email addresses or a complicated funnel system. You DO have to have the right BS, though. When I spoke, I shared how it is important to put your oxygen mask on first.  Work from the inside out beginning with your core values, then your strengths. Develop your inner circle and then expand your comfort zone.

The journey continues. I’ve been hitting the “start again” button a lot. I know this changed my belief system and together, with the UnleashU Now team we will get it done.

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