Leadership Through Faith

I try to live by the mantra that leaders are readers. Another read on the 2021 list completed.

Appropriate posting for a Sunday regardless of your faith:

Identity-You have great values because God values you

Surrender-Submit to God’s authority before trying to develop yours

Purpose-You were created for a reason

Integrity-Bigger on the inside leads to better on the outside

Followership-Good leaders are great followers first

Self-Leadership-Everything worthwhile is uphill

Growth-Tomorrow gets better when you get better today

Relationships-Leadership is a always a people business

Motives-You must choose how you will use your leadership

Pride-You can’t fulfill your purpose if you’re too full of yourself

Choices-The decisions you make, make you

Criticism-Action always causes friction

Recruiting-No team can succeed without good players

Equipping-People get better when their leaders want them to be

Teamwork-If people don’t work together, the team will fall apart

Confrontation-When things go wrong, leaders work to make things right

Mentoring-Investing in people provides the greatest leadership return

Diversity-Differences can be made into a strength

Change-You must lead change to improve your team

Failure-You can find a lesson in every loss

Power-The best use of leadership is serving others

…from John C. Maxwell’s book, 21 Leadership Issues In The Bible

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