Discover Your True Authentic Self

The first time someone suggested to me to attend an event with a group of international speakers, I was a bit hesitant. After the event, I was disappointed I hadn’t done it earlier in my life.

Now is your chance!

Step out of your comfort zone and take some vacation or PTO to listen in to some or all of the New Beginnings Motivation sessions. Put away your distractions avoid multi-tasking/switching. Take good notes and then ACT on them (A=Action, C=Change, T=Teach).

David Vrablik is the brainchild behind this event and it is not his first rodeo. He is an incredibly engaged, passionate and caring leader.

If you want to escape out of your pain points and what keeps you awake at night, you have to change how you think. This is a good starting point or even better, if you have begun your journey already.

After you attend, schedule some time with me!

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