I love it when people follow through on their bets, especially when I win.

Michael Fabber of UnleashU Now and I bet on the Badger-North Carolina game. We ALL know who won. Michael had to don this shirt and sing the Badger fight song. Well done, Michael.

At the mastermind he orchestrated with his team, I won a bet, too. On myself. I bet I would walk away different then when I got there. I did. Personal growth is so exhilarating!

I also had a chance to speak on one of my favorite topics, core values. When you peel away the onion and put your own oxygen mask on first, who we are comes down to core values. That’s true in the business world and our personal lives.

My core values have helped me through so much change, uncertainty, and failure.

We all face it but how do we get through it?

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