Change Your World (or at least your part)


Wanna solve the world’s problems?

The picture below defines the solution.

What do you notice about it?

Is it the color? The yard? The openness? The roof? The windows? The red front door?

It is the front porch! Drive around your community and what do you see? I see a lot of decks on the back of homes with fences blocking people out rather than welcoming them in.

Front porches, facing the road, are a great communication tool. We need to bring them back. It reminds me of the commercial where the little girl draws the hop-scotch game on the sidewalk and suddenly everyone smiles and hops through it. She does need a front porch, though.

Face-to-face communication and listening, active listening, can solve the worlds’ problems.

Let’s stop blocking people out with our personal fences and backyard isolation.

So add to your To-Do list building a front porch for your home and maybe even buy some sidewalk chalk to revitalize your neighborhood and eventually the world.

Or maybe commit an intentional act of kindness if you can’t afford a remodel!

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I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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