Summer Vacation

Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer!

Hopefully this summer you will get the chance to enjoy life in a special way. When you live in the land of four seasons and enjoy the warmth of the sun, you try to cram a lot into this season.

When you look at the picture, which one of those is you when considering a vacation?

That will give you a rough idea of where you might fit on the DISC spectrum.

Understanding your behavior style can go a long way toward taking your corporate culture to a new level. That’s especially important based on what we have gone through the last months and year.

As a DISC consultant, I see a lot of value in the assessment and report (30 pages) that are a part of it. It can be a first step toward impacting culture.

I have worked with individuals, teams, and departments to help them with their teamwork, communication, strengths, and creating a plan.

A DISC assessment is not about tagging your office mate with a letter but determining how you can work better together and accomplish more.

If you work in a perfect culture and organization with awesome teamwork, this probably isn’t for you.

Who wouldn’t want a culture that elevates all employees, though?

What are you doing to elevate?

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