Your Fire!

The Power of Fire!

We all know the destructive power of fire.

It can change an individual, family and/or business life in a hurry. So powerful.

Thankfully, we have men and women who serve as fire fighters to hopefully change the trajectory of the fire. Their power is astounding.

The fire pit is also powerful. It is mesmerizing. It can bring out interesting conversation. Sometimes maybe too interesting?!?!

The fire pit has been a gathering place since the beginning of human civilization. It has endured everything society has thrown at it. Much has been accomplished around the fire pit.

We need more fire pits in our lives. We need more places to gather and share. The human element is what solves problems and the interaction around that gathering makes a huge difference.

How can you bring more fire pits into your life? Where do you need to bring more fire pits into your life?

P.S. I typically don’t like to bring my family into these posts, but this picture was spontaneous on Father’s Day and I love it.

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