Be A Hurricane

This time of year the weather is often the predominant story. I struggle with how so many conversations start with the weather, especially here where it can change regularly by the hour.

Before I talk more about that, I want you to know that I understand the damage, destruction, and death weather can cause. For that, I feel horrible.

A friend and mentor of mine posted that she was bracing for a tropical storm or hurricane on the west coast of Florida. I pray for the people in the path of the storm and many more like them this summer. It made me think about it differently, though.

A severe thunderstorm came through our community last night. Pretty common for central Wisconsin this time of year. The harshest wind and rain lasted about thirty minutes or so. Based on my understanding of the weather, a severe thunderstorm can have the same readings of wind and rain as a strong tropical storm.

The tropical storm lasts far longer however and can spawn other issues and weather. Tropical storms and hurricanes have a much longer duration. They are persistent and consistent.

Be a hurricane in life.

Don’t be destructive, of course, but be persistent and consistent. The path of hurricane can be predicted and with the right goals and dreams, you can predict where you might end up.

But you have to be persistent and consistent.

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