Beat Fear



Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

All of these are really about making waves.

First, if you can’t tell by my website, I LOVE the water. Even an occasional shower is okay!

Making waves is even better. There was time, just like for you most likely, where safe and comfortable was the place to be. For me, I guess that’s fine, but there is no growth there.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

That’s true for you, your personal life, your job or career, everything.

Distractions in the form of fear get in the way, though. Some fears have triggers from many years ago that we have to face. Some unfounded fears are due to our circumstances and experiences.

Fear does not have to control us. We control us. Our emotions. Our attitudes. Our achievement. And our dreams.

Daily we have to fight through change and uncertainty, to overcome our fears. There are people that can help you push and grow and become the person you can and should be.

Find and fight your way through fear by making waves!

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