Differences Make Us Better

In a time when we need to come together based on our differences, I find it hard to believe a non-profit would try to tear one group down to build themselves up.

Well, it happened!

And it’s a group whose mission I believe in. If a group wants to gather and promote their cause, more power to them.

If that same group diminishes another group and posts it publicly, that’s another issue.

When I speak, I talk a lot about how there are 8 Billion different people in the world and those differences should make us better.

When you do the math, it would only take days to commit intentional acts of kindness and hit the 8 Billion mark. Our kindness needs to be intentional.

My core values are optimism, trust, honesty, enthusiasm, and teamwork. That doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. It makes me unique and imagine the power when I work with others who are different.

Imagine how much better we all could be.

Let’s build up everyone. Isn’t there some saying about how all boats rise in a high tide.

Make Waves. Create that high tide.

Find those with differences and learn from them.

Differences Make Us Better!

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