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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First

I messed up. At least in their eyes. Have you ever messed up? I’m guessing you have and if you are like me, probably more than once, right!

The coordinator of the project in the company I was working with called me on the phone. That isn’t odd except it was after the first session of three that were to be repeated. It certainly caught me off guard.

The first two sets of trainings went fine. One in August. One in October. We had started planning before the “P” word event began in the early 2020. We started the training in the midst of it, doing all of it virtually. That wasn’t the issue, though.

Somebody had called her with a complaint about the content of the training. In their eyes, I had messed up. Like anybody, it hit home and hurt. I was working through a technical college to get the job, so I felt I let them down, too. I wasn’t in the best place mentally.

How was I going to get through this? I love doing trainings and speaking. I’m not a huge fan of virtual, but I used breakout rooms and mixed things up as best I could. At this point in time, I was beginning to consider doing this type of “work” on a full-time basis.

After I paused and thought deeper about the conversation with the coordinator, I came to an awareness. One of things that is core to what I teach, train, coach and speak about is core values. When I began that reflection, I leaned in on my core values. They are foundational to who I am. They are my soul. Sometimes I don’t even know I am using them but in this case, I really needed to lean on them. …to be continued…

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