Part 3 of ???


As a result of this episode in my life and other events that have happened in my past, I’ve developed a 5-step road map for a mindset shift that is necessary to get through the drama and silos in our lives.

Shortly after this situation, I had another issue in a training. When it rains it pours. There was another valuable lesson to be learned. I had sent the coordinator in this particular company an outline when the proposal was initially made. I changed the order from the outline in the presentation without letting her know prior to the training. She was following my original outline. The content hadn’t changed, just the order. I leaned hard on my core values in this situation, too.

Prior to the personal and leadership growth I’ve had since 2017, I was fired four different times from jobs. I only wish I had my road map and core values back then. Two times I was out of a job for six-plus months. I’m not exactly sure how I got through those situations, but the interesting thing is in all the instances, I have great relationships with those organization. More lessons learned.

Where are the challenges in your life? Have you been fired (or whatever the latest term is for it)? Have you had the rug pulled out from under you? Is there too much drama in your workplace or personal life? Are the silos or boundaries in your community or workplace driving you crazy? Are there too many challenging relationships?…to be continued…

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