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Prior to the pandemic, change and uncertainty were a part of our community, businesses, and lives. For all the wrong reasons, change and uncertainty was highlighted with an exclamation point during the pandemic. Change and uncertainty isn’t going away, and not because of the pandemic. We will continually be pivoting. How we do that is key!

Change and uncertainty are part of the fabric of our lives. You can’t eliminate it, but you can control it with a mindset shift and a focus on personal and leadership growth. How did, and will, you overcome the challenges we are all facing? Again, I’m not talking pandemic.

At the center of any success is leadership. True leadership can accomplish much. I’ve seen all too often, however, that many believe leadership comes from a title. Most in business have a title and most are meaningless. It isn’t about management either. Leadership is all about culture. It is about mindset. It is about collaboration and not cooperation.

Leaders, however, must give to get. They must give up their mantles and silos and shift their mindset to the community , business, or themselves in a meaningful way in hopes of achieving any level of collaboration.

Developing the type of leadership to drive a community or business to collaborate requires a journey. It requires focus, passion, obsession. Leaders need to put your own oxygen mask on first. If you can’t help yourself, there is no opportunity to help others. Leadership starts from the inside out. Communities develop from the inside out with quality be continued…

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