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That means you must start from the inside out and discover yourself first before you can fruitfully engage with others. Just like they tell you on an airplane, you shouldn’t help others until you’ve helped yourself.

The problems in a community or business are much deeper than the surface issues. In a business, it is never about the sales, communication, marketing, or production. When you dig down deep it is about personalities. It is about leadership.

In a community, the challenges of change and uncertainty come down to the personality. I’m working with an international company right now with over 8,000 employees. As we have walked through their DISC assessments, the challenges boil down to the personalities of the employees and not some widget or service. The conversations have been amazingly revealing. And solutions do exist.

Most drama is caused by clashes in personality. It is worse than an episode of a bad reality television show. The personalities of the leaders and how they relate to each other drives collaboration. Personality in leadership comes down to mindset. There is a 5-step road map for a mindset shift.

That mindset shift will help your community or business overcome change and uncertainty and the challenges of different personalities and leadership styles. It can help work toward collaboration and not just cooperation…to be continued…

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