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The 5-step road map for a mindset shift: Core Values; Balance Disc; Inner Circle; Comfort Zone; DISC. All steps to enhance leadership. What are foundational for what you do and why you do it? How do you prioritize and sort through all the challenges of life beyond just a life/work balance? Who are the people closest to you that are focused on the same mission and vision? How willing are you to bump up against and blow through fear? How can you/I work better with other members on the team? These and more are the questions that get answered through the 5-step Road Map.

You must first admit you have an issue or challenge. It isn’t too late, but it is getting close. Resources are not going to grow tremendously. Unless you strike oil, collaboration through leadership is your only choice. Next, you must be singly interested in changing to better overcome change and uncertainty. Third, you must be willing to work collectively and keep the pedal on the gas throughout the process.

Let’s look deeper into the 5-step process.

Core Values. What were moments of greatest joy and fulfillment in your life? What were moments of challenge? When are you your most inspired self? When do you feel disempowered? What will your legacy be?

These questions all take careful consideration. You can’t flip a switch to answer these questions. You need to dig deep into your soul, into who you are and not what you are in life. Core values are foundational to who you are, and these questions deserve the time and energy. They are the beginning of the 5-step journey. I’ve given you several examples of how core values impacted my life…to be continued…

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