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The second step is Balance Disc. We hear a lot about your work-life balance. It isn’t that simple. Life is very complicated. Have you seen a balance disc. If you have been in a fitness center or athletic training room, you most likely have seen one. If not, imagine a circular piece of wood about eighteen inches in diameter. On the bottom of the board is, basically, half a ball. When you stand on the disc, the ball makes it a bit wobbly, so you have to balance. It sounds easy. Try it some time.

Imagine that the disc is your core values. The piece of wood is very solid and stable on its own; just like your core values are very stable and solid. Your feet are firmly planted on the disc. The half-ball on the bottom represents the balance in your life. The nine components are friendships, family relationships, work purpose & competency, fun/play/creativity, learning & personal growth, physical environment, exercise & nutrition, financial growth, and mental health/self-esteem.

By scoring yourself on each component, you begin to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. From this, you can develop a plan to determine your priorities to work on in these areas and bring them closer to your core values. You also should consider how much energy you need to put in each component.

For example, if you score a five on exercise & nutrition and a seven on learning & personal growth, where should you put your personal energy. If you improve by two, your seven becomes a nine and your five becomes a seven. A nine is awesome. What you should consider is whether or no you can surround yourself with people who fill in those weaknesses so you can focus more on strengths…to be continued…

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