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What is your biggest obstacle to moving forward now that you have identified your core values, balance disc, and inner circle? Fear! We all must deal with our comfort zone. Carefully enveloping our comfort zone is fear.

In the comfort zone, we feel safe and in control. It doesn’t have to be being comfortable, like sitting in a comfortable recliner, but it is close to that. Nothing of any significance gets accomplished in the comfort zone. It’s like the person in the office who doesn’t want to change because “we’ve always done it this way”.

What keeps you in the comfort zone bubble is fear. Fear is where we lack self-confidence. We often find excuses. We are too easily affected by others’ opinions. On the inner edge of the fear zone is the comfort zone. On the outer edge is the learning zone.

The learning zone is where we begin to stretch ourselves; stretch that comfort zone. When we finally decide to get out of the fear zone, we deal with challenges and problems face-to-face. We often acquire new skills and clearly extend your comfort zone. The last step out of the comfort zone is the growth zone. We find our purpose, live dreams, set new goals, and conquer objectives.

My hand is raised high when asked if I ever settled in the comfort zone. Then, along came AJ Vassar. I was taking a speaking course from him through the UnleashU Now family. As a speaker, you need to get out of your comfort zone.

Our first task was to take a cold shower. Now, that seems simple. If you haven’t tried it, do it. Turn the water on cold, then step in, and keep it cold for the entire shower. Not to get too personal but lather up as you normally would for a shower. Fully embrace the cold. It will change how you view other challenges.

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