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Put Your Oxygen Mask On First


The other challenge was doing a comedy bit. Now, in my community there are no comedy clubs. We were offered the alternative of doing it on Facebook Live. At that point in my social media life, a Facebook Live was a first and huge challenge. However, AJ had challenged us to get out of our comfort zone. We also had to pre-announce when we were going to do it.

I went into the Board Room of the non-profit I worked at that point. I pulled out a table. I set a chair on top of the table. I set my laptop on top of my chair. I needed a camera level parallel to my face. I’m 6’-4”. I plugged a corded headset into my laptop and ears. In the background, I had our TV with my website in the background. I was ready!

I wish you could have been there for the set-up. It was exceptionally humorous and I was getting more nervous by the minute. The topic was going grocery shopping with my Mom of 92. She is frail, uses a walker, is slightly losing her memory, and has a great sense of humor. We have had many great laughs ourselves before, during, and after our shopping.

So, I hit the Live button and off I went. Being an “I” on the DISC spectrum, you can imagine how much my sound cord tethered me to one spot. My hands get into the act once-in-a-while. I caught the cord at one point with my left hand, which caused the laptop to slip and twist. I reset it and continued. Then I noticed people typing comments in the lower left-hand corner of my computer screen.

People were telling me that they couldn’t hear me anymore. Now what do I do?!?! I had no idea, being a newbie to the whole thing. I decided I would just continue and then post in the comments what essentially was the punchline to the story. I was both mortified and ecstatic.

I did it. It wasn’t going to win any awards. I stretched out of my comfort zone. Since then, I do my best to do a Facebook Live daily. They are always unscripted and hopefully have a message that adds value to others. If I can bust through fear to learn and grow, I know you can.

The last step in the road map is DISC. DISC is a behavioral assessment tool. It takes about fifteen minutes to complete and gives you a 30-page report to further push your growth. With it being the fifth step of five, your journey is now focused on the “out” part of inside out. DISC not only offers you ways to communicate and build culture in the workplace, but also how to work with others. When used correctly, DISC builds individuals, team, departments, and organizations. It is all about a culture shift.

Core Values. Balance Disc. Inner Circle. Comfort Zone. DISC. Your 5-Step Road for a Mindset Shift.

Put Your Oxygen Mask On First!

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