You gotta love Jake and Elwood! Spoiler Alert (great movie): They set a goal and achieved it. The Blues Brothers were on a mission from God! Their tactics were sometimes “on the edge” but nothing got in their way. They put the band (inner circle) back together and went for it.

Putting the band back together is like putting ourselves back together sometimes. We must get the targeted focus back in our lives.

What are we really trying to accomplish? Why should people care about what we do?

I’m on a mission, too. I’m on a mission to revolutionize corporate leadership and culture.

The interesting thing is that it is simple, but not easy.

The more training, speaking, and coaching I do, the more I see it.

It’s the only way through this talent attraction and retention challenge.

It’s the only way to pivot through change and uncertainty.

It’s the only way to begin or continue a positive trajectory in business.

I’ll be a bit more above board than The Blues Brothers.

But, like them, I’m on a mission from God!

The USS Tarawa was not one of the more famous aircraft carriers, but it means a lot to me and my family because my Dad flew off it.

He retired as an Ensign in the Navy and also flew off of the USS Midway, a more famous carrier.

Dad tells stories of the precision it takes to take off and land on one of those. While the ships are huge, the target is small. And the ship and plane are both moving.

You rely on instruments but more importantly you rely on the people. The people on the ship.

At every step, those involved with your flight were critical the success of the mission.

There are parallels to the workplace. While working for a business is not fighting for your freedom, people are still critical to success.

That’s what I enjoy most about what I do. Working with the people in the business to help organizational leaders master change and uncertainty to develop employees and grow the bottom line.

That’s why I’m passionate about my mission to revolutionize corporate leadership and culture.

Just like on the aircraft carrier, it requires precision and fully understanding each other’s role and how to communicate within that role.

My Dad also told stories of how if the plan wasn’t carried out there were casualties.

Fortunately it’s not that final in the workplace, but all parts of the organization must work together to quiet the drama and breakdown the silos and walls to achieve success.

Where is your mission taking you?

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I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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