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The key to happiness in your community is for businesses and organizations to get their widget or service out the door. That typically takes people. Automation can help, but you still need people. Supply chains help, but you still need people. If you are going to expand or relocate businesses, you need people.

As a leader in business, you are creating both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs want to stay and innovate within the company and entrepreneurs want to leave and innovate on their own. Which do you want? As a business builder, owner, or executive, you want intrapreneurs.

From the research I have done, the average entrepreneur makes $40,000-$70,000 a year. That’s the average. Around thirty per cent fail in the first year. The best statistic I have seen is thirty percent make it to ten years. Are these favorable odds for leaving a company?

Some entrepreneurs are simply disgruntled workers and could easily become disgruntled entrepreneurs. Why not create a culture to retain the employee as an intrapreneur within the business or community. Create innovation opportunities and leadership development within the workplace for those who don’t want the grind of entrepreneurship.

We hear of the Great Resignation taking place across the United States and the World as many in the workforce want to take on the challenge of being an entrepreneur. The excitement of trading the “9 to 5” for a “24/7/365” entrepreneurial business. Wait, what?!?!

If you make less, have a higher chance of failing than succeeding, and work longer and harder, why do you want to be an entrepreneur? Simon Sinek, leadership thought expert, says, “The opportunity is not to discover the perfect company for ourselves. The opportunity is to build the perfect company for each other.”…to be continued…

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