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As an intrapreneur, you can have an incredible impact on the culture of your workplace. You can be passionate, a self-starter, confident, a leader, an influencer, a wall buster, eager to learn and an original thinker. And you don’t have the pressures of making a sale, getting out a proposal, making a connection, or paying for your healthcare every minute of every day as an ENTREpreneur (i.e., 24/7/365).

When I developed the 5-Step Road Map for Mastering Corporate Culture, I had intrapreneurs in mind. I have been in enough workplaces and worked with enough businesses to know that drama and walls exist everywhere. I’ve taken numerous businesses and employees through these steps. Those that make it part of their culture see a positive shift in talent attraction and retention.

The first step is to take an introspective look into your core values, who you are. You could all probably come up with the first couple of words that pop into your head and say those are your core values. It is much, much deeper than that. According to international leadership guru and one of my mentors, John C. Maxwell, “Your core values are those deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.” They are the foundation of who you are and why you exist. There are a series of steps to undertake within this step.

Imagine how the workplace would improve if we understood what our co-workers truly valued. This is not woo or butterflies and puppy dogs. This is about understanding what we each bring to the table as employees. This is the first step to leadership development in the workplace and breaking down the drama and walls. It leads to keeping those intrapreneurs to grow your business…to be continued…

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