PART 6 of 6

The final of the five steps is using a personality and behavior tool called DISC. The assessment takes fifteen minutes, and you receive a thirty-page report that outlines your strengths and weaknesses in great detail.

There are countless opportunities to build our culture and leadership development from the report. When utilized across teams, departments, and organizations, there is a renewed faith in communication, trust, and eventually constructive conflict. Wouldn’t you love to be an intrapreneur in that environment?

These five-steps take the courage of a CEO/President/Owner or executive team to bring into a workplace. Leadership in a business starts with being a role model for those in top positions. However, it takes a village, i.e., all employees to develop the traction for change. Change and uncertainty is scary. We’ve seen that with the pandemic. Unfortunately, it won’t be the last of it. Change and uncertainty is part of the fabric of our life.

Why not fight change and uncertainty with a road map that builds up people and not walls? People are your most important resource. Value them. Develop them and yourself. Create intrapreneurs. THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION!

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