Are You Sick & Tired of It?

Have you ever been broken?

Can something that has been broken be put back together in a way that makes it more beautiful than before?

How many of you have been fired? Twice? Three Times? Four? If you call getting fired four times being broken, that would be me. Imagine telling your spouse and four daughters you had the ultimate career fail four times. The last time was just seven years ago. I was tired of toxic workplace cultures dictating my legacy and my families’ future. Our retirement account was drained. By the fourth, the firings were almost laughable, but the financial pain wasn’t. Now I’m a solopreneur helping entrepreneurs and INTRApreneurs.

I am sick and tired of people being sick and tired about the brokenness, drama, and barriers in the workplace and not knowing where to turn. A toxic culture is 10X more important than compensation in predicting turnover.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

I’m on a mission to revolutionize corporate leadership and culture.

I’ve linked arms with CEOs and C-Suite leaders to put culture plans in place to end the brokenness. The key trigger is communication. Not every leader understands that. In the businesses I’ve impacted, employees are looking forward to the workplace. They are fighting for their culture.

I’ve shifted culture in workplaces from 5 to 10,000 employees. At one business, we created a culture team to re-align their elements of culture. At another, we’ve been dissecting their culture through DISC and group coaching. In a third, we’ve developed industry-specific training to impact managers. In all cases they were battling through brokenness. In all cases, it started with workplace communication.

In the Japanese artform of Kintsugi, they put broken vases together more beautiful than before with glue that had gold dust in it. We each possess the gold dust needed to glue other people back together, making them more beautiful and loveable than ever. I’m going to give you a book written by Matthew Kelly, called Life Is Messy, where he talks about brokenness.

Hopefully, you already know that leaders are readers.

The gold dust starts with you, but where do you begin?

I’ve got the solution.

It’s all about communication. But it goes much deeper than that.

We all know how to speak and hear. But do we know how to connect. That is about engagement. Engaged communication should be happening in your lives and in your workplace, whether you are a solopreneur or work with thousands in your company.

Have you ever heard a flight attendant tell you to Put Your Oxygen Mask On First? I’m certain you did if you flew down here or if you’ve ever flown.

That means you need to work from the inside out to enhance your ability to connect and engage with others. As a leader, that is critical.

I’ve created a 5-step road map for communication that I use when I speak, coach, and train individuals or organizations.

I’ve synthesized the work of people like John Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Simon Sinek, Matthew Kelly, and Michael Fabber to put together a customized approach to getting through the brokenness, drama, and barriers in the workplace.

Published by Todd Kuckkahn

I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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