Golf & Tobogganing?

I get to go to my toboggan hill from my youth.

I’m not a big golfer type but I love watching the game.

I’m excited again about attending the American Family Insurance Championship, hosted by Steve Stricker.

There are many reasons. Here are my Top 10!

1. Yes, the fairway on number 4 at University Ridge Golf Course borders the top of the hill leading to Morse Pond in Verona High School. Slid down it often. Memories are great. (The photo is Steve Stricker teeing off on number 4 with Morse Pond in the background.)

2. I get to reconnect with some buddies I grew up with since I had moved to Verona from Monona in first grade. Stay connected with friends!

3. Even though this is the Senior Tour, there is some great golf. And it is especially fun since I saw the course in its infant stages when I was a development officer for the UW athletic department. How fun is it to work for your passion?

4. I also have golfed the course. I’m guessing many of my golf balls are still embedded in the rough and Morse Pond. I think I’ve par-ed all of the holes but never more than maybe one a round. That means I golfed a LOT of rounds there.

5. I am supporting the foundation that does so much for the community and my hometown and birthplace (Madison). Having fun and supporting others is very meaningful.

6. Our local boys, Steve Stricker and Jerry Kelly, will be in the mix. There is, of course, added pressure on Steve, but he is the host AND golfs. Fun to cheer on the local team!!

7. Last time my buddy and I got to fist-bump Brett Favre. Maybe we will get to step it up this time.

8. I’ll get to have my picture taken by the massive DREAM sign on the course. That’s what being a solopreneur is all about…DREAMS.

9. The weather looks to be beautiful plus we get a lot of exercise following our favorites around the course.

10. We might have an adult beverage, too.

It’s important to take time and reflect on your youth, connect with memories, be with friends, exercise, rehydrate, enjoy the beauty of Wisconsin, and support your community all in one weekend.

What are doing to enjoy this summer weekend in Wisconsin (or wherever you live)?

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