Why Give Your Child A Cell Phone?

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One of the most memorable images for me from the USA’s Independence Day celebrations is when I walked by a couple sitting right next to each other in our park that were both staring at their cell phones. (They are NOT depicted below.)

I will come clean and state that I am “occasionally” on my cell phone.

This couple was fully engaged. But not in each other.

The park runs along the Wisconsin River. There were a variety of boats and scenes on the river. There was a band playing and music all around. There were food trucks and people milling around. In other words, there was a lot of activity.

We spend so much time looking down we lose what is around us.

I was watching a video post yesterday and the person asked the question, what parent-child relationships have improved after the child received a cell phone (or insert the technology here).

The answer is obvious.

The solution isn’t.

To think we can go backwards is ludicrous.

Technology has taken us to a new place in the workplace as well. Our remote workforce was growing before the pandemic and will eventually settle and increase after the pandemic.

What is that doing to relationships in the workplace?

While there is a great deal of drama in the workplace regardless, most co-workers will cooperate with one another. Some may collaborate. Few will partner.

Communication with an ever growing technology infiltration in the workplace will have a similar effect to giving that child a technology tool.

When I speak, coach, train, and teach, effective communication is a cornerstone to my efforts.

It has to be for all of us.

Are you being intentional and deliberate about communication in your workplace?

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