The Frustrations of Biking

Are YOU the person wearing the cool shades, and their hat on backwards, and the expensive running shoes, and the tight bright logoed tank top and shorts, with the technology overloaded watch, and ear-thingies? You could have at least grunted.

One of my favorite forms of exercise and relaxation is riding the Green Circle Trail. It passes along two beautiful rivers, many woods, several neighborhoods and on a few paved roads. The whole circle is about 26 miles, which I still need to do this year in one “sitting”.

But back to the person I described. There is nothing more frustrating to me as I ride on the trail than when I get NO response after saying good morning/afternoon/evening, waving, AND nodding my head.

I try to hit all of their senses with a greeting. I’d say about 1/3 respond, 1/3 acknowledge, and 1/3 ignore. This one person, and sadly there were more, did nothing.

Don’t be THAT person.

It happens in the workplace, too, and it is taking the joy out of being an INTRApreneur in the business world.

My friend and I once did a very unscientific survey as we walked about the mother ship of the institution we worked for many years ago. The same ratio of responses occurred when we greeted people in the hallways.

Commit Intentional Acts of Kindness! Matthew Kelly calls them Holy Moments and has written a book about them.

There is enough drama in the workplace and divisiveness in the world that we have to be intentional about greeting, and acknowledging a greeting if we don’t get to it first.

This is why I am on a mission to revolutionize corporate culture and leadership.

Join Me.

Start by saying HI!

P.S. No animals were hurt in the riding of the bike or selfie!!!

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I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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