Economic Development Through Leadership

Never thought I’d be a writer for an international site selector and economic development publication.

Here is the link for the article:

I began writing for Courtney Margetson and FDI Alliance International when I worked for the chamber and economic development organization in my community.

It continued after I left and went full-time with my solopreneurship.

Until this article, my focus had been primarily on leadership. I’m on a mission to revolutionize corporate culture and leadership.

This article focuses more on how to bring projects into a community, yet talent development is a huge part of that.

Talent attraction and retention depends on engagement and the culture in a workplace, which ties back to leadership.

So, I guess I wrote an article on leadership.

I was talking with a good friend and leadership guru, Dennis Cooley, this morning about talent challenges that communities face. Technical colleges and universities need to better engage their students in a community if they wish to keep them in the community. Engagement through leadership can make that happen!

Dennis has a great program for that!

Let me know what you think of the article, but please be kind! Remember, Commit Intentional Acts of KINDNESS! LOL!!!

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I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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