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Inflation. Gas Prices. Elections. Recession. Great Resignation. Our personal lives and the workplace are bombarded with messages of change and uncertainty. What does uncertainty and change lead to in the workplace?

A huge decrease in employee engagement!

Harvard Business Review survey showed, “(o)nly 1 in 20 respondents rated their current jobs as providing meaningful work.”

We are here to ask you a few problematic questions.

Are your employees truly engaged?

What does the future of your company, your own life, and your employees’ lives look like?

What is your plan to retain employees and survive the economic squeeze that is happening right now?

Attracting and retaining talent is expensive. The same survey estimated “that highly meaningful work will generate an additional $9,078 per worker, per year.” On the other hand, the cost of hiring someone costs well over that person’s salary. Do the math! Which side of the ledger do you want to be on?

In the past you may have been able to throw money at the problem – raise salaries! Everyone responds to higher pay, right?!?!?!

But what about in an environment where inflation costs are already squeezing your profit margins?

Because, let’s face it, the CPI is 8.6% so far in 2022. And if your employees aren’t making more than 8.6% than they made in 2021, they are making less money than they did a year ago! And it is only getting worse!

Are you left to choose between happy and engaged employees and a profitable business?

No! That is why we are here!

There is a solution!

The solution, according to a Gallup survey, is to “(c)onsider how career, social, financial, physical and community wellbeing affect employees, and provide resources designed to improve these important elements of wellbeing.”

Our Elevate Employee Engagement Challenge can be one ready-made tool to enhance engagement and elevate employees in a challenging and gratifying environment.

This one-day (or options for more) event takes place in Neenah, Wisconsin where your team will be energized as they step outside their comfort zone and experience success with Achievable Physical Challenges and Team Building Activities.

Plus, they’ll learn how to communicate effectively, build an amazing corporate culture, and discover fresh insights on how to financially help your employees and your business!

This is the event that will skyrocket your team’s engagement!

Engagement means so much more now that you can’t meet employee wage benefits. This will bring wellbeing to a new level in your workplace, retain employees, increase productivity, and reduce costs to replace people who leave.

You can’t pay our employees enough to compete with inflation!

You can’t keep cutting margins to keep employees!

Statistics show that wellbeing matters. In fact, it’s the secret to the long-term success of your company. Both your wellbeing and your employees’ wellbeing. A 2019 article in the Harvard Business Review shared what the “Best Companies to Work For” do differently. That list includes:

Putting People First – not just with 401k benefits, but also mental and physical health,

Bringing People Together

Helping Workers Find and Pursue Their Passions, to name just a few.

The entire challenge is possible regardless of the size of your company or skill level or title of the individual. It is intended to impact engagement with your employees with outcomes that go beyond the activities themselves.

Spencer Jones, Sean Coe, and Todd Kuckkahn are all international speakers, coaches, trainers, and teachers. Spencer is opening his home with a backyard full of achievable physical challenges used to center participants on their mental strengths and build effective teamwork. Sean brings a fresh insight into how your financial situation plays into all other aspects of your life. Todd is opening his leadership toolbox to offer constructive conversations to grow the individual and team.

The basic challenge is one business day packed with engagement opportunities. There are also options for multiple day engagement. The maximum number of participants per day is 15. The event will happen regardless of the weather. Participants should dress for mild physical activity – again achievable regardless of skill level. Lunch will be included as part of the one-day program and other details can be discussed should you choose a more impactful option.

Gift from each of the three partnering businesses:

110: Positivity in the Workplace Assessment & Analysis ($5,000 Value)

SCC: Comprehensive personal and business financial game plan ($5,000 Value)

TK: DISC Personality Assessment (15 + Workshop); 5 Dysfunctions of a Team Assessment ($5,000 Value)

Unlike other challenges we offer a comprehensive, customized execution plan to make sure your company implements everything you learn the day of the challenge. Because we realize that knowledge is only potential power; applied knowledge is ACTUAL power!


Between the sessions, trainings, and activities this challenge is valued at over $50,000. Plus adding the Gifts, it’s over $65,000!

The cost of hiring and training people in this current high turnover world is costing you. And to have your team members fully engaged, feeling cared about and supported is priceless.

Option 1) One-day, 9:00 am-4:00 pm central, lunch, transportation from and to the workplace (within 90 miles of Neenah, WI)

Option 2) Multi-day, customized, follow-up sessions with one of the three challenge leaders, meals, transportation from workplace or airport (within 90 miles of Neenah, WI, meals, hotel.

Reach out to Todd Kuckkahn Spencer Jones, or Sean Coe on LinkedIn or Facebook.




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