Are You “Investor-Worthy”?

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Part 2 of ???

…continued… This is where you must collaborate (not just cooperate) as a community. I’ve been sharing that concept for quite some time. Where I live, we must cast a wide net as our population, one of the data points, is not large. Once you define the size of your net, then all, and I mean all, of the economic development entities need to collaborate. Behind everyone’s website needs to be the data for the defined community. Hoarding data amongst small communities does not allow for growth in businesses.

Yet, many communities don’t understand this. By collaborating resources, the cost
of a central data site can reap loads of benefits. When anybody calls the chamber
or city or any other business, they can direct them to one set of unified (and truthful)
data representing the community. With the “local” economic development community
combining their resources, i.e., dollars, the best data collection can be done and shared.

All boats rise in a high tide, but only with collaboration. Your community should also make written and video testimonials available in the same location on the website. The more honest and vulnerable these are, the better. People can see right through canned recommendations.

Do your best to make them authentic. Your website should also include community
targets. Your community cannot be all things to all businesses and site selectors. Rather
than making it something that site selectors and businesses must dig for, make it readily accessible. Consider your reputation beyond what is in front of your face.

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