Are You “Investor-Worthy”?

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Speaking of truthful, that is a key element throughout the process. Businesses and site selectors will have a great deal more respect for you and your community with honesty and trust. While it may not bring that particular business to your community, it can drive more business your way through referrals from that business. People in this process can quickly determine character. Relationships impact this business just like any other.

You and your community also need to speak with confidence. Our belief systems can often get in the way of success. Make sure whoever are the leads in the process from the community aspect can speak with confidence no matter what the numbers are or the titles of the people in the process. Who and what we are must be shared with the utmost confidence. Confidence, not arrogance, will reap benefits.

Confidentiality, much like confidence, is important to the relationship. Even if you don’t sign a non-disclosure form; confidentiality is a critical element. Many deals have been lost because of an over-zealous local economic development person sharing information as if they were in junior high school. This is not the time for social media. Ask permission to share information, if necessary. It is even better to get that permission in writing. Don’t let somebody’s mouth or ego lose a huge opportunity for a community.

In our current environment, energy and the environment must be considerations. How and where does your community stand on this? Not necessarily from the political vantage point, but from the accessibility and cost standpoint. We all need to be concerned about the future of our planet. We also need to be concerned about our community well-being. It can be a tough balance. Having these established prior to a site selection process can make it easier, as long as any restrictions are realistic and community minded. Energy needs to be accessible…to be continued…

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