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Living to lead (continued from previous post)

Todd started this journey back when he was working at the Portage County Business Council. One of its members was sponsoring a Live2Lead event at their company. Hosted by John Maxwell himself and featuring presentations by well-known business leaders, the event was simulcast to locations around the world. Because the organizer knew the event could have a life-changing impact on participants. he wanted Todd’s help in promoting the event.

A fan of Maxwell’s writing for years, Todd suggested trading a complimentary membership in the council for six tickets to the event.

“He agreed and we promoted the event. However, being the smart leader that I am, I grabbed one of the tickets and gave away the other five,” he explained. “What really struck me while watching Live2Lead was that John Maxwell was turning 70 that year.

“He had written dozens of books and impacted tens of thousands of people, but John said he had not accomplished everything he needed to in his life,” said Todd. “Here I was, about to turn 60, and I felt as though I hadn’t really done anything.

“When John mentioned he was traveling to some Caribbean countries to train other leaders, he got really emotional about it,” Todd added. “As I listened, I realized I could have a similar impact around me.”

Much of what Todd teaches comes from Maxwell programs, but he also taps into material produced by Patrick Lencioni, Simon Sinek and Matthew Kelly, among others. To get access to those materials and become a Maxwell-certified trainer, Todd did have to make an investment. But, he considers it money well spent.

“I have a daughter who is getting married and doing a destination wedding. THAT is a sizeable investment,” he explained. “Yes, it cost money to go through the Maxwell program, but the resources I can use far outweigh any cost I incurred to access the material.

“You can make an investment in something and not do anything with it, or you can make the same investment and choose to do a lot,” said Todd. “While I was going through the Maxwell material, that’s when I decided to promote the concept of solopreneurship.”…to be continued…

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