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Mixed support (continued from the last post)

When Todd described his vision to start a new company to his family, he received mixed support.

“My kids were curiously excited, but my wife was a bit more nervous about it,” he explained. “She eventually came around, but she was worried at first.

“I thought a lot about it before deciding to make the move,” said Todd. “Only one of our daughters was still in college wrapping up a master’s degree, so her path was pretty well set. The other three all have good jobs are at good points in their lives, so it wasn’t a risk from that standpoint.”

However, his biggest concern was losing health insurance benefits that came with his job.

“As a solopreneur, you have to work when the work is there and you don’t necessarily choose when that happens,” Todd explained. “We try to carve out time for fun and frolic, but it’s really a 24/7/365 work commitment.

“The other problem I had was making money while I was training to improve my public speaking skills. I wasn’t marketing myself like I should,” he added. “That created a yin and yang effect where my income fluctuated based on how much I was speaking and how little I was marketing my services.”…to be continued…

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