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DISC analysis

Todd had taken several personality tests during his career to identify his natural strengths and ideal communication style. The Maxwell organization offers its own DISC training program, which allows Todd to give the test to others and help them analyze results. He is a certified trainer and consultant.

“The test really is a good way to learn about yourself because it can be funny and scary how accurate the test really is,” he explained. “Personally, I scored high in being enthusiastic, outgoing, optimistic and energetic. But, when I need to get something done, sometimes that can get in the way.”

However, just by knowing that he has that trait, Todd can surround himself with others who are more driven and can hold him accountable to getting things done.

People over 50 who are struggling with determining a purpose for their lives could benefit from taking the test, Todd explained. The Maxwell Team’s report is 30-pages which includes charts and data showing people their strengths and weaknesses to identify endeavors ideally suited to their strong points.

“A common problem when confronting our weaknesses is that we often focus on strengthening those. However, we really should be focusing on leveraging our strengths and surrounding ourselves with people who can counter our weaknesses,” he explained.

The report also includes an action plan to guide the test-takers’ next steps. Todd said he is happy to guide people through taking the test and help them determine how to best apply the results. To schedule a 30-minute complimentary call with Todd, which is a $347 value, visit be continued…

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