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Values Eat Vision. What were the moments of greatest joy and fulfillment in your life? What were  the moments of challenge? When are you your most-inspired self? When do you feel disempowered? What will your legacy be?

These questions all take careful consideration as we dig into your core values. You need to dig deep into your soul, into who you are and not what you are in life. Core values are foundational to who you are, and these questions deserve the time and energy to help identify them.

Without our core values, our personal or professional mission are of little value.

Through my own experience working through these questions, I produced my core values of optimism, trust, honesty, enthusiasm, and teamwork.

Priorities Win Prosperity. We hear a lot about your work-life balance. It isn’t that simple. Life is extremely complicated. The nine components of the wheel of life are friends, family, workplace culture, quality of life, personal growth & development, world around me, healthy lifestyles, legacy finances, and self-awareness & care. These are our priorities, and we need to shape them into daily habits.

By scoring yourself from 1 to 10 on each component, you begin to uncover your strengths and weaknesses. After working through these scores, you can develop a plan to determine your priorities and work in these areas to bring them closer to your core values...to be continued…

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