Those Darn Kids Nowadays: The Challenge of Generational Diversity

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Part 1 of ???

Do you have a fear of bridges? Or is it a fear of heights? Or a fear of
poor infrastructure?

There is a bridge near where my grandparents lived in Watertown, WI.
Across the bridge was a treat store, I mean grocery store. I had to get
across that bridge. To build this further, I believe my fear of heights, i.e.,
bridges, came from the result of my Dad falling onto me from a ladder
as he was painting in my grandmother’s kitchen. I pushed through my
fear to get on the other side.

We all have fears. Fears keep us from growing personally and professionally.
They keep us in our comfort zone where nothing good ever happens.
Not necessarily a fear of heights, but a fear of change and uncertainty.

The challenges in our communities are at fever pitch. These challenges
hit every corner of our lives. We can’t hide from them. We know they exist
in the workforce where we can’t seem to keep or find the right people.
We need to change in an era when change and uncertainty elevates
our fear.

But there is hope.

As a community leader, this is critical! It’s your decisions, not your conditions,
which determine your be continued….

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