Those Darn Kids Nowadays: The Challenge of Generational Diversity

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Over 90% of companies are recognizing age diversity as an issue in the
workplace. Generational diversity impacts company culture just like every
type of diversity. The bottom line, though, is engagement. When you
address any kind of diversity, it is typically a sensitive issue, partly because
of where we are as a culture and the fact we are trending toward weaker
communication. Are you teaching your employees of all ages how to
better have meaningful engagement?

Research shows that generations know they don’t get along. The generation
gap, as it is often called, is widening and makes the issue even more
challenging. The only way to get from one side of a gap to another is to
build a bridge. You need a lot of diverse ideas to do that and someone who
can take the company down that journey. With a record five generations
in the workplace and seven living, any change and building in that regard
must be intentional. But it comes with change and uncertainty.

True strength comes from seeking out and respecting diversity.

Why do we let this be an issue? Lots of reasons. One is people love living
in their comfort zones. It is easier to point your finger at somebody else
than to address the problem. People have a fear of conflict, which when
used properly, can actually build trust in a company. Often times those in
leadership positions have an ego instead of leadership skills and they skirt
around the issue. Unfortunately, it can come down to a serious dislike and
disrespect, typically because of a lack of information and engagement.
Companies are full of drama, silos, and walls, which are all challenges
that separate us instead of joining us together. Those challenges don’t
build bridges. Those challenges do, however, directly impact employee
retention, which impacts attraction, which impacts productivity, which
impacts the bottom line. Companies need to find a way to get diverse
age groups to think together in a trusting and respectful way. We need
to seek out the drama, silos, and walls to build bridges.

…to be continued…

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