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It’s taken me since 2017 to get to this point.

Branding and messaging is an ongoing challenge and opportunity.

I’m on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership by intentionally adding more value to others than I receive through my faith.

I bet there is at least one word in this list that follows you can relate to you in the workplace: Stuck, Silos, Drama, Barriers, Disengagement, No Trust, Lack of Commitment, Afraid of Conflict, Decreased Productivity, Finger-Pointing.

If there is one I need to add, please let me know!

What is the solution? MindShift! It sounds a little evil however it is in YOUR control. Nobody else can shift your mind.

I’ve been blessed to be challenged in a growing way over the years of my business and especially the most recent months. My mind is shifting. I couldn’t do it without my Inner Circle of people closest to me who influence me in so many positive ways.

It took some intentional work, though. Just saying it doesn’t do it.

Who jumps into full-time solopreneurship at age 63? I was leading an organization that I pulled out of the doldrums with a great team. Why would I leave one of my best jobs ever to become an entrepreneur at that age?

When I came out of college my first few adventures were jobs. Then I got settled into a career path, working with non-profits and the business community. Finally, I found my calling in culture and leadership development. Solopreneurship is that opportunity for me to grow further in my calling.

Speaking of jobs, there were several with challenging cultures. With optimism, trust, honesty, enthusiasm, and teamwork as my core values, culture is critical in the workplace. The leadership never understood the concept of culture.

One of my favorite expressions is culture eats vision. Among other things, I work with businesses and organizations on developing their strategic plans. I’m proud of the work they do through my guidance. But even with the most awesome strategic plan, culture can beat it down. How can you focus on SMART goals when the workplace is toxic?

I’ll talk more about that down the road.

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I'm on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership.

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