Live2Lead Changes Lives

Do you focus on features or benefits?

Do you focus on price or value?

Do you focus on where you are or where you want to go?

Do you focus on challenges or opportunities?

Do you focus on your comfort zone or growth zone?

Live2Lead brings benefit, value, will take you where you want to go, provide opportunities, and will pull/push you into your growth zone.


The benefits of Live2Lead include hearing from international leadership thought leaders in an environment conducive to collaboration with like-minded community leaders.

Benefits = Value. The value goes well beyond the price. Nothing is ever priced the way we want it so we must focus on value. What will it bring us besides what is right in front of our face? The speakers are John C. Maxwell, Ryan Leak, Kendra Scott, and Marcus Buckingham. Now that’s value.

When you look back where you were five years ago, (not where you lived, but who you are), how are you different today and what, if anything, have you done? Our tendency is to blame others for lack of progress, but it is our journey. More importantly, where do you want to be five years from now and what can you do today to begin to move the needle?

Opportunities are what you make of them. Do you turn challenges into opportunities or obstacles? Opportunities only come if you are a servant leader and give first to then get. When you get in a room with like-minded people, it is amazing what opportunities may present themselves.

I was co-facilitating a leadership class today and somebody was concerned that their style might push someone out of their comfort zone. That is what we all should want. Because when we push through our fears, and we all have them, we get into learning and growth. Growth will take us to a new place.

Thanks to Tom Corcoran, I attended my first Live2Lead in 2017.

It delivered.

I guarantee Live2Lead will for you.

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