7 Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned From Golf (continued)

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Acknowledging recognition and gratitude is an important part of the game. Players will at least tap, if not tip, their cap after the spectators applaud. Competitors will also often make a comment or gesture as well, to recognize good play. At the end of the eighteen holes, players take off their hats when shaking hands with each other after their round.

Imagine walking out of a meeting after not getting the bid on a job and reaching out to whoever competed with you for that job to congratulate them.

Recognizing employees doesn’t have to always be a pizza party or some sort of contrived award. What if you recognized someone with a fist bump, pat on the back, or even a handwritten note, a workplace kind of tapping the cap.

Are you training your staff in gratitude and recognition for your clients, customers, and teammates?


When being a volunteer leader, it is important to recognize all ideas and make sure they are welcome. For most of us as volunteers at this event, this was our first one. For everyone involved, it was the first time there was an event of this magnitude at this course. Because of that, we had to experience the job as we went along and adjust as needed.

There was no time for egos or “this is the way we have always done it.”

As a collective team in the workplace, we must be accepting of ideas from all members of the team. It should actually be taken one step further and we should draw out ideas from members who are quieter because of their personality style.

By the way, do you know the styles of your team—you should!

More ideas yield better solutions and increased collaboration. Ever been at that meeting where at the end the leader asks if everyone is okay with the idea. Next, we see the bobble-heads of agreement.

Leaders need to draw out ideas and consensus individually from team members to get
to the best solution.

Conflict is a good thing if it is constructive. Do you and your team members accept conflict well?…to be continued…

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