7 Amazing Leadership Lessons a Non-Golfer Learned from Golf

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Lessons 6 & 7


When you make a commitment, you must follow through, especially as a volunteer. That’s even more true in leadership.

Others are counting on you, yet still others will often step up. It was sad when volunteers didn’t show up, but fortunately it was rare. It made the jobs of those fulfilling their commitment less enjoyable. On the last day, we had some other volunteers step up who had completed their shifts, which made the job easier.

When team members don’t fulfill their commitments as part of a workplace team, it lets the entire team and organization down. It certainly can negatively impact the project, as well. Often there isn’t somebody to fill in for that person.

Certainly, unexpected things do happen, and people do plan for time away from the office, but in a team, we count on each other. How do you instill commitment with your team?

You have to build trust and respect and you have to be intentional about building it. It doesn’t just happen. There are a number of tools you can use to do that, whether it is for your or your team and organization.


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Golf is a game of beauty besides precision. Depending on the course and location, you can enjoy nature, the trees, wilderness, and even a wild animal like a fox. One walked through right behind our tee box. Sadly, one passed away during the tournament. Being out in nature, even then it is manicured, is refreshing.

A golf course can be a very relaxing, enjoyable setting, during all the pressure of a tournament. In our jobs, we need to take time to enjoy the moments and beauty in many forms around us.

Celebrate our accomplishments. Share and give gratitude.

On the way to work, turn off the radio, phone, and other technology and enjoy what is around you. This reminds me of when I was in the car with my grandson, and he had his tablet going. I pointed out things to him that he often misses because his head is down. Now, there is no tablet going so he can appreciate the world around him.

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Are you and your employees “smelling the roses?” Have you ever taken a walk around the block with your team—the insights you get will be amazing? Smelling the roses can just be learning more about each other, too. There are some insightful exercises to get you started on that. Our work and personal lives are inseparable so the more we understand each other, the better.

That is especially true with the generational challenges we are having in the workplace. Why not have the younger generations mentor the older generations? There is plenty of learning that can take place in that scenario.


I challenge you to take one of these lessons and change the way your team works. Reach out to me if you don’t know how to start.

It not only works in the workplace, but also with church groups, civic organizations, and schools.

I also challenge you to find something you may not be good at and look for leadership lessons. I was pleasantly surprised how I turned an average volunteer event into a leadership experience for myself. I’m basically a non-golfer but found these lessons all over the golf course.

Perhaps you don’t know where to start after reading this series of blogs. The Live2Lead event I am hosting is perfect for you (and your teammates)! I’d be happy to chat with you more about it, too.

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