Leading Through Crisis

The crisis doesn’t matter with the right leadership. The skills matter. A crisis is a great divider among leaders. By reading this article, you will take another big step toward your own personal and professional growth. “Leading Through Crisis” was designed by John C. Maxwell with you in mind. I hope this is just one step in your leadership journey.

This is the first of several parts in the leading through crisis series.

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Time, or better yet, how we prioritize our time, is one of life’s biggest challenges. Time is limited. 24 Hours. Time costs money. And you’ve prioritized this time into YOUR limited 24 hours. That already makes you a leader. Your values are shining through all the challenges of a crisis.

We all have dreams or at least we should. Our dreams help us drive us to push forward on our goals. If we are going to achieve our goals, we need to prioritize what we do, i.e., how we use our time. And when our priorities become our habits, we can drive ourselves to achieve our dreams.

What are your dreams?

What keeps you fight through challenges, failing, and getting back up again?

Do the silos, barriers, and drama in your workplace take too much of your time?

“Leading Through Crisis,” nothing new. However, the Maxwell Leadership Team wants to add value by sharing this information through members like me to the community at large. We never know when that crisis might hit. Being prepared is part of leading and leadership.

As we go through this leadership journey, write down the questions or concerns that come to mind. Keep track of them. Take some notes. What are the highlights for you?

It is time to A.C.T. on your thoughts as you read the article. As you are reading it, place an A next to Action items; a C next to things you need Change, and a T next to things you can Teach your team. Then do something.

If nothing changes, then nothing changes.

Besides thanking John Maxwell, I also need to thank his leadership team. Like John, they are all about adding value to others. They’ve added a great deal of value to my life, all of which has been extremely beneficial during a crisis.

I’m on a mission to revolutionize company culture and leadership and I’ll guarantee this article will add value to you and your team, when you take action.

As an independent certified speaker, coach, teacher, and trainer for the Maxwell Leadership Team, I am permitted to bring this leadership content to you. In my six years with the team, I know I have grown tremendously, yet I have a lot more room for growth. I’ve dramatically changed how I use my 24 hours.

Join me in central Wisconsin, western Wisconsin, or southwestern Wisconsin!

My first look at Maxwell Leadership was at Live2Lead. John and the other international thought leaders who spoke made it feel like they were talking to me. Being in the room with hundreds from the community was another benefit. Every October I bring the conference to our local community.

There will be thinking questions for you throughout the article. I want you to think into leadership. Thinking is a big part of leadership. You must be intentional! Spend some time on each question.

How does it relate to you, your team, and your organization?

What’s our highest priority for change?

I want to acknowledge that individuals, organizations, and businesses have been and will be impacted by any crisis or change, and some seriously. You will be impacted. Your profession will be impacted. These are tough times. Our economy is always in a time of “correction.”

In the next article, we will go into more detail about leading through crisis…to be continued…

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