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Part Two of the Leading Through Crisis series

There are three general leadership principles that I’d like to share first. It IS important to know throughout this article that we are ALL leaders. Your title is meaningless as it relates to the definition of a leader.

The first principle of leadership is…


When I first learned this from John C. Maxwell, I wasn’t sure about the word influence. It sounded coercive. As I studied leadership more, the word “influence” made more sense. It is not coercion or manipulation as I originally thought, but influencing those around us, including our family, co-workers, neighbors, community, business leaders and so many others.

In a time of crisis, we can and should influence as leaders.

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A crisis uncovers and exaggerates poor leadership, and the fall can be fast and hard. Good leadership offers steadiness, and, in many cases, it can improve the situation so everything and everybody can rise.

A crisis separates good leadership from poor leadership. There are rarely two consecutive good days in a leader’s life, yet real leaders WANT to lead in challenging times. Often the number of bad days may be multiplied because of the crisis, yet leaders want to rise.

Nobody WANTS a crisis but there are those who will step up.

Why do you think a crisis makes it easier to distinguish between good and bad leaders?

Why have you risen or fallen as a leader?

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Catch the rhyme by John there—VIEW / DO?

What has your attitude been the past few minutes, days, weeks, and months?

You determine your attitude and as a leader, others will follow your lead, again whether they be your family or work team.

I’ve worked with third graders regarding leadership and how their attitude is in their control. They LOVE being positive and their enthusiasm is contagious while we studied, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn. This a great book by Maxwell and he has written three different versions for children, high school, and adult.

What experience do you have in leading during a time of crisis and how does that impact your view and what you do?

Would you be interested in shifting your belief system regarding crisis leadership right away. Live2Lead is coming up in October. You can join virtually, in person rebroadcast, or bring it to your company.

Stay tuned for the next part…to be continued…

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