Transformation Through Change & Uncertainty

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What IS certain is change & uncertainty!

What is uncertain is our transformation through that!

If you haven’t learned that, where have you been?

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The only word that has come through the past four years that makes any sense is pivot. If you learned how to pivot as a business, community, or person, then the challenges we have faced are a good thing for you. P.S. I love basketball therefore pivot makes sense.

But there is still change & uncertainty ahead.

Change and uncertainty are around us all the time, every day. Its impact can be devasting. Sometimes people lose lives. Sometimes people lose their business. Sometimes people lose collaboration opportunities. Sometimes people lose sleep.

Those who are able to start anew again, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, will be those who have pivoted most successfully.

But have you? Or your business? Or your community?

What challenge are you facing tomorrow in your job? How about in your life over the next week? How about in your community in the next month?


I’ve been reading a book by Matthew Kelly, called Life Is Messy. Yes, it is!

How are you “unmessifying” your life?

If you are on top of the world right now and your relationships are right in life and work, please don’t waste your time by reading on.

If you are looking for the $20,000 program to pull out of my bag of tricks that will change your world, send me the check, but don’t read on. It isn’t there!

What might work in Abbotsford, British Columbia, probably won’t work in Stonecrest, Georgia. What might work for Mayor Jason Lary might not work for Abby Turano.

Customization is key!

I write for FDI Alliance International and it does an incredible job of connecting economic development organizations, site selection teams, communities, and individuals in order to grow a community.


Courtney and the company have been interested in taking that one step further with the launch of the FDI International Transformation Academy. Like any new program, the steps toward growing it will be calculated and strategic. Growing communities, businesses, and individuals raises all boats in the high tide.

Customizing solutions for you and your team, whatever role that team plays, will be the primary focus on our first conversation. What are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead?

I will share that regardless of the challenge or the magnitude of change and uncertainty and you peel away the layers of the onion, the central focus will be on teamwork, leadership, personal growth, corporate culture, communication, and entrepreneurship.

It is rarely simply an issue of sales or human resources or marketing or production. It gets down to the most foundational core values. You must start from the inside out of individuals, the company, and the community.

There are countless tools that we will use to guide you on your journey. They could include mastermind engagements, DISC assessments, core values, podcasts, television, coaching (individual | group), speaking (live | virtual), and/or workshops (live | virtual | recorded).

The principles that will be used are founded in experience and teachings of such experts as John C. Maxwell, Patrick Lencioni, Matthew Kelly, and Simon Sinek. Oh yes, me too!

And now there are thousands of thoughts running through your mind. Leaders take steps to battle change and uncertainty. Others will sit on the sidelines and watch life fly by.

How will you transform your team? I recently held a day-long #Live2Lead Conference. It was great to see businesses bring their teams to that event to either begin or continue the transformation process.

Reach out or answer when the call comes!

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