Where is the next stop in your journey?

Where is your journey taking you? What is your destination? If your first thought is a vacation spot, that’s fine, but not what I’m referring to this time. The John Maxwell Team recently hosted the annual Live2Lead (L2L) event and the first virtual. My personal, focused leadership journey began there. This is my fourth L2L.Continue reading “Where is the next stop in your journey?”

Words I Hate

During times of uncertainty, change is certain. Two words I’ve come to detest are uncertainty and unprecedented. They are really overused words that mean nothing. Either everything or nothing is unprecedented or uncertain, right?  Being an optimistic, trusting, honest, enthusiastic and team-oriented person, I like to shift things to the positive. By the way, those are my five core valuesContinue reading “Words I Hate”

Then Take Action

I reside in Portage County, WI. If every one of Portage County’s over 70,000 citizens committed one intentional (not random) act of kindness towards marginalized neighbors, what a more awesome place we would live in. Then Take Action!,   Imagine if that happened with the eight billion people in the world. Then Take Action!  For those who have signed-on to various declarations on racismContinue reading “Then Take Action”

Network Development

Technology has done so much for our society, right!  I mean, while we are on vacation we can stay up-to-date on everything happening at work, in government, around the world, and with our neighbors (if we even know them).  And that’s where the problem lies.  People are face first in their technology and ignoring theContinue reading “Network Development”

Aren’t We Just People After All

While I was waking up this morning, I was reading an article about Generation Z. I’m guessing next it will be Generation AA, like the batteries? There is a boatload of information on how to “handle” different generations. I’m thinking back to when I wasn’t a baby-boomer and I was just a “people”. I’m guessingContinue reading “Aren’t We Just People After All”

Balancing Act

The spinning plates on the Ed Sullivan Show provides a great visual of a balancing act. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zhoos1oY404. This time of year our ability to spin all of the plates (and other items) and keep them spinning is severely stressed—wrapping up year-end, special events, travel for holidays, budgeting, children’s performances, increased socialContinue reading “Balancing Act”